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Fully encrypted - No third party tracking or analytics

Infoblazer Notes is web application and service for storing online encrypted notes. The primary emphasis of this application is security and privacy. All data submitted is encrypted with a private key, known only you, before leaving your web browser. Data is never transmitted or stored in clear text and is not visible to any backend service.

Infoblazer Notes emphasizes hierarchical data organization. Additional flexibility is provided through features such as customizable columns and keyboard-centric data entry. This approach offers greater capabilities than existing popular notes applications.

Hierarchical Notes

Infoblazer Notes emphasizes the outliner, or tree-based approach, to data organization. Each notepad you create can include a number of individual items organized in a tree hierarchy. Each of these items includes a full rich text editor as well as an additional hierarchy of sub items, as shown in the screen shot above.

Customizable columns

On of the most useful features of Infoblazer Notes is the ability to add custom columns to each item. These columns can contain arbitrary text or lists of selectable values that you can create.

Privacy First

Infoblazer Notes does not track users through third party tools such as google analytics nor ads that track you.

Client-side encryption

A major difference between Infoblazer Notes and other web-based notes applications is full client side encryption - data is encrypted using the AES 256-bit standard before it leaves your browser. Most other cloud based services do no work like this. Why let Google (or Microsoft or Facebook or...) read your data.

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